This is a sequel to the original bitching story. some time ago i hope people remember"baap" splashed a huge blog with photos of a certain person talking to his girlfriend. The whole idea of the blog was to condemn the act of mush talk . It was labelled mushomania by his screwed up mindness. well i didn't reply to that act of utter disregard towards one of the most basic of human emotions.we are here because some two people felt them.Is it possible that we are now in an age where certain people are so devoid of emotions that certain things like talking mush are considered lowly and degrading?So degrading that his highness in all his wisdom had to put it up on the net for one and all to see and mock and laugh. Does it also highlight the utter disrespect for the privacy of the person whose photos were put up.Now how screwed up can a mind get when it tells u that the basic emotion of an attraction,towards another person which translates in to telling that person that u like him/her is labelled and act of debauchery and disgust and that it has to be put up for on and all to see and laugh at. Is the intellectual standard of the members of full hyderabad so low that nobody even considered telling his baapness that, that post was bullshit. when i say bull shit i mean bullcrap in it's truest form. I bet that same person who put up that post has a screwed up life, maybe girls treat him like shit so he comes up with this theory like mushomania. i labell this syndrome intellectomania, this state of utter and superlative feeling of greatness translates into labelling whatever u dont have or dont have the level to have as pish posh.what hurts me the most is the act of putting it up on the net, and displaying it like some circus act.dude! this is an act of serious perversion. kaam dhanda nahi hai kya other than poking fun at other peoples life. The greatest form of intellect i believe can be achieved by first trying to attain common sense.
huh off my chest !!!!
feel the need
the need to fire
the need to fire back
the need to surge.

Current Mood: Angry
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Why am I always at the starting line ?
Is this a Divine way of saying,
Saying Son :"You aint meant for this"
"NO", I cry "Gimme a chance, Gimme a Streak"

"Is it much", I think
to ask for,
to ask for that ONE chance?

Life is about Living.
Let me live it in all it's myriadness

There is Futility
There is Heartbreak I know,
But how will I realise it's Futility

Then it happens,
as it always has,
like a Divine mock,
A Divine Smirk.

I Get it, I Get it all.
Everything I want,
Everything I Dreamt.
There's a hitch, though. I
get the same thing.

Where is the myriadness?
Is it all ? I ponder.

This is like a journey never ending,
never satisfying mortal life,
constricted a meaning to life I seek.

Here again I think

" Is it much to ask for ... To ask for that one Chance ?"

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why are we here?

do we know ?

i'm here for areason i'd like to believe

there is hope after all i'd like to know

i believe not in destiny

 i believe not in predefintion

i believe in hope

i believe in uncertainity

 for in uncertainity lies hope

so iwalk along life's pathways

i walk blind , i walk dazed

i walk confidently , i walk hopefully

the pathe ahead is unknown

the future is uncertain

i am not scared i trudge on neverthless.

for in uncertainity lies hope

so i come out once again to muse

am i here for a reason?

i might never know



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                   Darkness pulls me down,

                   should i ever know the light .

                   whims and fancies of a cursed fate .

                   I am a fallen soul, seeking to survive.

                   memories ofa glorious past,

                   shine in my eyes .

                   despair and pain,I know as friends.

                   There is hope say some ,

                   see the light .

                   I see nothing ,I see no light .

                   There is fire deep inside ,

                   It still burns,It still stays .

                   It will show me the way.

                   I will survive ,I will surface.

                   To see the light of day.


Current Mood: Triumphant
Current Music: loose urself
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